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About Alicia Power

International Intuitive and Master Energy Healer Alicia Power has spent over 30 years dialoging clearly with advanced guides in the spirit world. This intensive training is now passed on to her audiences around the world. She is passionate to guide you into your empowerment - and her mission is to reveal how life changing it is to be mentored directly by your personal spirit guide. You will feel Immediate upgrade in intelligence, clarity and self respect.

Alicia is a leading authority in spiritual acceleration, spirit communication and educating global audiences about their unlimited spiritual selves. She is a thought leader and author of dozens of popular on-line spiritual courses and trainings with thousands of students around the world studying with her. She appears on her own international monthly Livestream, is a regular radio guest, and is a popular expert speaker on international Tele-Summits. Her inspiring Twitter feed has over 50,000 followers and her YouTube channel has had over 1 Million views. This free Tele-Seminar is a wonderful exploration of your journey to spiritual advancement, god love, and your sacred connection to your Spirit Guide. 
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